Our Very Own Meals


Shortly after I set up the business I decided to create a range of home-made meals using the products I had imported. I saw this as a way to make the day a little less stressful, and ensure families could enjoy healthy, additive-free meals based on our core range of meat and seafood. During that process, I found   a wonderful chef, who has been making dishes for SFF ever since. Our chef completely understands my focus on creating delicious home-made food that brings a sense of comfort and quality to my busy customer's lives.

The concept is to bring you meals that have been prepared in the way you would prepare them at home, using regular ingredients that you would use in your own kitchens and using nature's way of preserving - freezing - rather than E numbers and preservatives. Chef uses only meat and fish that I have imported, adding top quality vegetables, cheeses and seasonings that are all additive free. The results are a range of delicious, homely lunches and dinners that have become firm favourites. 

I have also recently launched Our Very Own Soups and am thrilled to bring these additions to the range. The vegetables used are sourced from top quality farms in Australia and Holland. They do not come with the organic label but are as pure and fresh as can be. Both Australia and Holland have extremely strict regulations for the use of pesticides so you can rest assured that these vegetables come with no nasties.


La Tua Pasta

La Tua Pasta is a family owned artisan pasta maker started in London in 2006, with a commitment to making the very best handmade fresh pasta. They are the most-awarded pasta company in the UK, with over 70 Great Taste awards.
All of their pasta and fillings are handmade from scratch in their own kitchens. Every piece of Tortelloni is folded by hand, using only the finest ingredients and following traditional and time-tested Italian recipes. Working with the best suppliers who can guarentee quality and consistency of ingredients truly sets La Tua Pasta apart from others. These amazing pastas have no added preservatives, colorants or additives, only great flavour and texture.