What size Turkey should I buy to fit my oven?

For any size oven, the food item should have a minimum of one inch air space on all sides: top, bottom, right, left and back wall.

Your oven tray size needs to be taken into consideration as well. 

Electric Ovens
25L Oven (47cm x 34cm x 30cm) can fit a 3-4kg Turkey
30L (52cm x 40 cm x 34cm)  Oven can fit a 3-4kg and 4-5kg Turkey
48L Oven (57cm x 41cm x 36cm) can fit 3-4kg, 4-5kg, 5-6kg Turkey 

Built-in Ovens
60L (60cm x 54cm x 60cm) Oven can fit 3-4kg, 4-5kg, 5-6kg, 6-7kg Turkey


Note: Oven sizes may vary, sizes provided are based on an estimate.