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Nature's Best Eggs (Tray of 10)

Product Description

SPCA-approved, cage-free, barn-laid eggs from New Zealand. 10 large eggs per carton.

Note: This product is sold up to 7 days before expiry. 

Read all about Nature's Best Eggs here.

In sunny Wairarapa, on New Zealand's North Island, the Nature's Best Farm produces SPCA-approved, cage-free, barn-laid eggs. The hens live in a stress-free environment with plenty of space to stretch their wings, water to drink, and nutritious food to eat. The high-nutrient, multigrain feed formulated for the farm includes a mixture of locally grown, non-GMO grains with protein and calcium for stronger, healthier hens, and healthy, nutritious and utterly delicious eggs.

Packaging: This product comes in a biodegradable tray made from recycled paper. Find out more about our Eco Journey here.

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