Survey Results Sept 2018

Survey Results Sept 2018

Thank you for the overwhelming response to our survey. Here is the summary of the results, I hope you enjoy the read!

Customer Information

872 participants completed the survey and they rated Freshness the most important factor when choosing a grocery store.

Factors customers concern when choosing a grocery store

What about Sasha's Fine Foods?


More than 70% of survey participants described Sasha’s Fine Foods as high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced and trustworthy.

high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced, trustworthy

These ratings are on the quality of our products and are all out of 10.

high quality, sustainable and ethically sourced, trustworthy

What if Sasha’s Fine Foods were to offer fruit and veg?

More than half of all survey participants said they would be likely to purchase fruit and veg.

fruit and veg

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Customer Service

Our customers love not only our products, but also our customer service. Participants rated our customer service over 8 out of 10. Almost 40% rated it excellent (10 out of 10).


Overall feedback

More than 80% of our customers said they did/would recommend us to others.


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"I'm living in Singapore for a year and Sasha offers the best products at a competitive price. I love all the service and specially the kindness and courtesy from your delivery employees they even know my name. Love the freshness and the articles you write. Everything."

“I do appreciate all the effort in bringing us safe and clean food!”

"Love your blogs. They inspire trust and loyalty."

"I love your vision and attention to detail. We have been ordering for 2-3 years and we are so happy we found you!!"

"Love Sasha’s - the only place I trust to purchase our meat from."
“Very happy so far with the products and services provided.”

“You have the best delivery drivers in Singapore. They are the only people we customers generally speak to and they are always so lovely...”

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