Why has the cost of food gone up so much?

Why has the cost of food gone up so much?

It is no secret that the price of food has increased a lot over the last couple of years and I want to share with you why, so you can continue to make informed decisions around food for you and your family.

At Sasha’s Fine Foods, our objective is to support small scale farmers, fishermen and producers both domestically and internationally, whilst ensuring that we are providing you the best quality food at a reasonable price.

At the moment, that makes for a fun challenge. 

So What’s Happened?

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the food price rises:

  • Avian flu in Europe created scarcity for export. Demand for chicken remains the same, so resultant market forces have driven up prices.
  • A lot of the world’s grain, one of the key components of fish and livestock feed, comes from Ukraine and Russia. This is no longer available, so our farmers and fishermen are seeing the price of feed increase by over 50%.
  • Energy supply has also been hit by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This  hit European suppliers directly, but there has been a knock on impact to the rest of our producers.
  • Diesel prices have also been impacted by the Ukraine crisis. 
  • Covid still continues to disrupt the workforce across the world due to absences.
  • Beef demand in emerging markets is causing a global shortage, especially in light of challenges related to feed, energy & Covid. 
  • GST has increased by 1% to 8% to pay for elderly care, pre-school education & security.

The Malaysian chicken export ban last year was symptomatic of the challenges the global food chain now faces.

What Are We Definitely Not Changing?

Here’s my commitment to you:

  • I will continue to source some of the best tasting, highest quality, hormone & antibiotic free food from within Singapore and abroad for you to enjoy.
  • I will continue to do our best for you our customers, in getting high quality food at the lowest sustainable price.
  • I will not stop supporting farmers who are feeling the pinch. I won’t stop trading with them, and I certainly won’t white label lower quality product: I have their backs.
  • I will never increase our prices unless I have exhausted all efforts to drive down unnecessary costs at our farms, freight & here in Singapore.
  • I will not sacrifice the quality, provenance or traceability of our food during this period. Be mindful of low prices in a current high cost climate, corner cutting is a risk.
  • I will not stop providing industry leading service. Over 97% of our orders are delivered within 15 mins of the exact minute we tell you. And 99.98% of the time, what you actually order will be delivered.

 What Am I Changing?

As you can imagine, this is squeezing us. However, I love a challenge, and I am finding creative ways to drive efficiencies. Here are a few examples that aren’t trade secrets!:

  • I am reducing import costs by moving to sea freight where possible, or collaborating with those also importing into Singapore.
  • I am routing our deliveries more efficiently, and also ensuring our drivers are driving more efficiently.  
  • I am allowing local small scale producers to use spare space in our warehouse and on our trucks to reduce overheads and to support local businesses.
  • I launched Simply Sasha's a few months ago - this is where you will find a collection of our most affordable range.
  • I launched Bulk Buys earlier this year, so you can buy more of what you love for less.

 Eating Well

  After a recent upgrade of our site that makes navigation even easier, you can now see the $/100g or per unit so that you can be more informed about prices.

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