Choosing the Best Grilled Lamb in Singapore

Best lamb steak can get from Sasha online grocery shopping in Singapore.
Lamb is rich in high-quality protein, and a great source of iron, zinc and vitamins B2, B3, B5 and B12. It also has more omega 3 fatty acids gram for gram than beef, so it makes for a great meat option.

Buy Lamb from a Trusted Source

It is critical to know where your lamb comes from. This is not just the country, but which farm, how the farmer has treated his flock, and what has (and more importantly has not) been used to speed up nature.

I would always recommend buying from a retailer you have heard of, and only free-range or organic. This will mean the lamb will likely have been born and reared outdoors, in small numbers, and can forage naturally.

I believe we have the best lamb in Singapore. Origin South from New Zealand offers a wide range of excellent free range cuts and we have a small selection of exclusive Rhug Estate organic lamb from Wales. Naturally, you will find no nasties in either.

Grill to Perfection

As the grill works using a high heat, you can choose lamb cuts that aren’t as lean. When on a high heat, the fat will start to add a wonderful flavour to the meat.

When cooking in the kitchen, my go-to grilled lamb cut is the loin chop. Like mini T-bone steaks, they are great under the grill. Serve with lashings of cranberry sauce, new potatoes and a light salad.

The barbeque, however, is where grilled lamb can come into its own. I love taking a whole leg, deboning and butterflying it (check out this simple guide) and then marinating overnight in olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper. Put in a preheated oven for 30 minutes to give it a head start, then finish on a hot barbeque for an amazing lunch with friends.

Order the Best Lamb in Singapore Now

So why not give it a try? Remember you can have the best fresh lamb in Singapore delivered for dinner if you order before 1pm Monday to Saturday. Enjoy!

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