Sasha’s Fine Foods x UFIT = a healthy match made in heaven!

Sasha’s Fine Foods x UFIT = a healthy match made in heaven!

It didn’t take much to realise just what a perfect partner UFIT Singapore would be for us at Sasha’s Fine Foods. They not only share our outlook on health and wellbeing but they also offer the chance for everyone to achieve a cleaner, healthier and  more sustainable lifestyle no matter what state of mind or fitness.

In an age where we all crave shortcuts to better health, the reality is that sometimes short-sharp-shocks are what are really needed to change our lifestyle behaviours for the better. I am therefore delighted to introduce you to UFIT’s Clean & Lean Challenges, famous for their support & nutritional advice together with the profound effects these short 4-week Challenges have when it comes to long term behaviour changes amongst participants.

So whether it’s losing weight, committing to that half marathon you never thought would be possible or simply feeling confident in your swimwear, we challenge you to take it on!

Clean & Lean Challenge 22 Special Offer – be quick!

There’s no time to waste as Challenge 22 kicks off Saturday 27th October so read our Q&A with UFIT’s Clean & Lean Nutritionist Wendy Riddell below to find out what you and your body can expect, before signing up using this exclusive 10% discount for all of our lovely customers!


Sasha's Fine Foods ‘Clean & Lean Challenge Boxes’

We’re also making your life easier thanks to our exclusive Clean & Lean Challenge Boxes, packed full of delicious pre-selected products (and approved by Wendy), designed specifically to help you through the whole challenge.

Select from Meat, Seafood or our Meat & Seafood Box to mix up your protein intake during the Challenge, while making your life easy thanks to our home delivery service, as well as next day delivery options.

Clean & Lean Meat & Seafood Box

Q&A with the Queen Clean & Lean, Wendy Riddell

Wendy RiddellIf she’s not boot camping her way around Asia with UFIT clients, she’s helping Singapore residents lose those extra pounds during the famous UFIT Clean & Lean Challenges.

So how better to celebrate the launch of our new Clean & Lean Challenge partnership and exclusive Meat and Seafood Boxes than to ask UFIT lead Nutritionist Wendy Riddell how a clean lifestyle can help you shortcut to a new you! 

What’s the Clean & Lean Challenge?

Much more than a physical fitness programme to achieve your desired body goals, it’s also a major milestone towards a changed lifestyle.

Participants enhance the detoxing processes in their bodies and we help educate you about better ways of eating, making better food choices and, of course, it will help you become leaner and bursting with energy!

You certainly follow our own philosophy when it comes to clean food!

Absolutely! Our most important guiding principles are to base our food intake on fresh products, as close as possible to other natural state, from good sources of proteins, good fats, limited carbohydrates and NO refined sugar whatsoever. 

What aspect and results do participants usually enjoy most?

Aside from a little bit of sweat and toil of course, and the short term symptoms of sugar withdrawal and detoxing, all our participants report an amazing boost in energy and things like healthier skin.

Sugar and insulin levels are more balanced as participants avoid the drastic blood sugar level changes caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrates, which in turn are responsible for our food cravings, drops in energy and mood swings.

Although reducing carbohydrate intake can of course mean feeling a little more tired, hungry and grumpy, after just a few days the body uses fat storage to create energy and all the symptoms will have disappeared!

So what else can those taking the Challenge look forward to?

Less cravings

Your hunger level will be reduced and you will have less and less cravings - You will control your food intake and the food will not control you!

More energy

You will have much more energy throughout the day - Stabilised energy all day long, without massive energy drops and need for stimulants.

You will also have more energy during your training sessions - Once your body is trained to create energy from fat storage, it can do it faster and more efficiently, prolonging long term energy throughout your training sessions.

More emotionally balanced

You will feel more balanced emotionally - Mood swings are often affected by our sugar ups and downs. At the beginning of the process, the limited carbs might create low serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for our happiness. However, when your body gets used to lower sugar consumption you will experience much more balanced emotional state.

Greater weight loss and body fat reduction

At the beginning of the process your weight loss will be mainly due to loss of  fluids, as carbs are attracting fluids. After few days you will experience real weight loss and mostly from fat storage.

You will also lose body fat and become leaner as the body will burn fat to create energy once insulin levels drop. We aim to lose body fat as opposed to losing body mass.  

Clearer, healthier skin and body

You will notice that your skin is clearer and your eyes brighter and whiter. You will also experience improvement in your blood lipids and blood pressure - lower triglycerides, higher HDL cholesterol for example.

Learn more about the food you eat

The clean diet will help you eliminate foods that are suspected to cause indigestion, gassy stomach, heartburn or any other problems. It’s the perfect way to learn which foods suits you the best and your route to kicking insomnia into touch through better gut health, as Sasha’s Fine Foods founder Sasha Conlan recounts in this blog

Don’t forget, we are offering all of you 10% off the 22nd UFIT Clean & Lean Challenge starting on 27th October 2018. Just visit this webpage to redeem the offer!

Then purchase your Clean & Lean Challenge Box here so you’re ready and prepped to become a new you!

Good luck!

Sasha & the team

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