Chicken Thighs & Why I Give Them 5 Stars

Chicken Thighs & Why I Give Them 5 Stars

I'm a fan, a BIG fan of the humble chicken thigh. Flavoursome, affordable, versatile, moist, nutritious and the best for soaking up flavours and repaying you in spades.

The humble chicken thigh has never been better showcased than in these Sambal Chicken Skewers - unfailingly excellent, and packing a taste punch worthy of any gathering. Ingredients are a cinch to find here in Singapore and I promise you will not be disappointed. Ideal for a casual weekend bite, served in smaller skewers as an appetiser or fancy these up with some salads for a BBQ.  

Here's a quick video of Adam Rapport, Bon Appetit Editor in Chief showing how it's done. 

I've also included in this blog a glorious assortment of 35 additional recipes for chicken thighs from Bon Appetit (think roast lemon and oregano chicken thighs or Vietnamese thighs with garlic chilli glaze...) with something that's sure to hit the spot regardless of your occasion, available time or fancy.  

A reminder that our local Anxin chicken products are all completely free of hormones, antibiotics (and chlorine!) and sourced directly from Toh Thy Farm. Farmer Kenny keeps us supplied every day with the best, freshest chicken in Singapore.  

Stock up on boneless and bone-in chicken thighs right here.

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