Important Update on Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon 150g Portions

Important Update on Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon 150g Portions

Anyone who has recently purchased Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon may have noticed that it is now delivered in improved branded packaging - it's stronger and more substantial, which ensures we deliver the freshest possible products to our customers.  

However, the single portions of salmon look lost in the new, rather large packaging. I was immediately concerned about the surplus plastic, as well as wasted space in fridges and freezers at home. Unfortunately, it is uneconomical for Mt. Cook to manufacture smaller packaging just for us, as the majority of their customers place larger orders with several portions packed together.    

For these reasons, I've decided to work with the new packaging by selling two portions per pack rather than a single portion. This means single portions (150g) are no longer available.

I will continue to do my best in reducing unnecessary waste, especially when it comes to plastic, so I hope you will support this decision.

It is also worth mentioning that there will often be a difference in the shape of your portions. The weight will always be 150g but the shape will change depending on the shape of the fish itself, and from where in the fillet the portion has been cut. This is nature and please rest assured, the quality is all the same!

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