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Trout Fillet

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Trout. English Rainbow Trout slow grown for 2 years in farms built on the fast flowing pure chalk stream water of Hampshire, England. Mild with a delicate texture, trout is a  a freshwater fish that has a lower fat content than salmon. Chalk Stream trout are lean with a unique, clean taste. Very popular amongst many celebrity chefs in the UK, you will also find our Chalk Stream trout served at Soho House, London.

Trout takes on spices and seasonings well, and is excellent grilled, baked, pan seared or poached. 130g per portion, 1 portion per pack. Frozen.

I've collected a number of fantastic recipes which I hope you will enjoy. Please click here to view the recipes.

As with all of our fish products, whilst great care has been taken to remove all bones, this cannot be guaranteed and you should exercise caution.

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