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*Promo* LioBites Apple & Banana Bundle

Limited time bundle offer! 2x LioBites Freeze-Dried Apple Crisps and 2x LioBites Freeze-Dried Banana Crisps. Absolutely delicious snacks high in potassium. Vegan and gluten free. 14g per pack. 

$8.90 $11.60
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*Promo* Super Seed Crispy Bites Bundle

 Limited time bundle offer! 1x Super Seed Crispy Bites with Turmeric and 1x Super Seed Crispy Bites with Matcha & Spirulina. Absolutely loaded with goodness and 100% natural to meet the needs of health-conscious foodies and fitness enthusiasts. Gluten-free and vegan. 50g per pack.

$8.90 $11.80
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100% Hokkaido Fresh Milk Box of 6

100% Hokkaido Fresh Milk Hokkaido dairy farmers treat their cows like family, ensuring they enjoy a wonderful life amidst lush green pastures.

The result is the most incredible tasting fresh milk. 6 Cartons at 1 Litre each

$38.90 $41.40
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Cold Pressed Juice - Superberry Box

A sweet and refreshing thirst-quencher that’s high in vitamin C and immunity-boosting nutrients. Made with acai and maqui berries, rich in cell-repairing antioxidants. No added sugar or preservatives. A box of 12 bottles at 280ml each.

$72.00 $82.80
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Cold Pressed Juice - Green Box

Don’t judge this juice by its colour! Greens is an eclectic medley of fruit and veggies, and rich in vitamins A and C. It's sweet, zesty and easy to drink. No added sugar or preservatives. A box of 12 bottles at 280ml each.