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Local Organic Chicken

On top of receiving the utmost quality of care and being absolutely nasties-free, when you buy Toh Thye San's chickens from us you are getting the freshest organic chicken in Singapore. I don’t say this lightly, it’s really true. Your fresh organic chicken is delivered to our warehouse in the early hours of every morning (except Mondays) and is delivered to you that same day. Anything not sold fresh on the day is immediately frozen to lock in its freshness.

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Perfectly roasted tender organic local whole chicken from Sasha's Fine Foods
Deliciously cooked Organic Chicken Thighs | Sasha's Fine Foods Online Grocery Store in Singapore
$5.23/100g Frozen
$3.20/100g Frozen
Fresh chicken livers with some flour from Sasha's Fine Foods
$7.60/100g Frozen
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Fresh chicken mince
$4.24/100g Frozen
$5.50/100g Frozen