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Woodland Bronze Free Range Turkey

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Turkey. Discover the exquisite flavor of our turkeys, meticulously raised in the idyllic outdoors. These rare heritage bronze turkeys are thoughtfully nurtured to roam freely, forage in lush grass and woodland, and fully embrace the elements of our pristine Irish climate, even relishing soft days. Thriving on a nourishing cereal-based diet that includes delectable seasonal treats like sprouts, carrots, and apples, these special birds are given the freedom to perch, roost, and indulge in the natural bounty of their surroundings.

Maturing slowly over a period of more than 6 months, these turkeys exhibit a delightful variation in size. Witness the true essence of bronze turkey rearing, aligning with the natural course intended by Mother Nature herself. Revel in the joy of seeing these magnificent birds thrive as they should. Explore our selection, available in various weights, to elevate your Christmas feast with the authentic taste of nature's bounty.

Each turkey is delivered frozen. Ensure thoroughly defrosted before cooking. Please allow 12 hours per kilo for defrosting your turkeys in the fridge.

Cook for 45 minutes per kg at 190C (374F) degrees. 4.8kg = 3 hours 40 minutes approx. cooking.

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