SFA Approved Frozen Pork Supplier


All our pork products come from Wicks Manor, a small, family-run pig farm in Essex, England. At the farm, piglets are born into large straw pens which allows for the mother to leave the nest area. Once weaned from mum, piglets move to straw yards with outside access, giving them plenty of space to express their natural behaviour. Here they are provided with nutritional feed and clean water throughout the day. The piglets have the best of both worlds in that they are sheltered from nature's sometimes harsh elements, but have plenty of room to roam and play.

This natural lifestyle helps the pork develop a beautiful depth of flavour, whilst still being relatively lean. The pigs are fed a natural diet of non-GMO wheat and barley that is grown and milled at Wicks Manor. Vitamins and minerals are added to balance their diet. Non-GMO soya is added (to some rations, not all) to provide protein and energy.

The very best practice farming techniques are employed and the highest standards of nutrition and animal welfare are applied. The pork is fully traceable and all the animals live under the strict regulations of Farm Assured British Meat. The high quality and great taste of this pork has been nationally recognised in the UK with Wicks Manor winning many awards.

I have enjoyed several visits to Wicks Manor farm over the last few years and love the fact that each visit brings something new! 

From riding in the combine harvester and knowing that this is the very food that is fed to the pigs, to watching Alan the Pig Manager herd up his litter ... there is never a dull moment on this family farm that is a true example of complete traceability in the “farm to plate” journey. Apart from the abattoir, Wicks Manor controls every aspect of production, something they have worked tirelessly to achieve. I always try to stay the night in the farm guesthouse which is run by “mum”, who serves up the most incredible coffee and toast in the morning!

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Wicks Manor. They are genuinely good people who wake up every day striving to do the right thing in their little corner of Essex, England. I hope you enjoy this video, which highlights the welfare of the pigs and their beautiful surroundings.

Our pork is frozen at source by Wicks Manor in England, as soon as it has been processed. We are not permitted to import fresh pork from England (AVA requirements). Our pork comes via sea freight and has a long shelf life of 12 months, due to the vacuum seal packaging and the fact that it is frozen at source.