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Australian Premium Barramundi Portion Skin On

Product Description

250g skin on, frozen, 2 fillet portions

Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi is the only true ocean-grown barramundi in Australia. It exhibits ocean saltwater flavours similar to wild caught fish and has a clean, sweet, buttery flavour. Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi is a forgiving fish when it comes to cooking! This is due to its (healthy!) fat content that keeps it incredibly moist even when overcooked.

Crispy skin is the ideal way in which to cook this incredible Barramundi which is sometimes referred to as the pork belly of the sea. It lends itself to all forms of cooking and is even used raw in some of the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore.

Cone Bay Ocean Barramundi is recognised as the best quality farmed barramundi by wholesalers, retailers, chefs and consumers around the world.

“Way up north where the tides rage, Cone Bay Barra swim against the massive tides from inside their sea pens. They are perhaps the fittest fish on earth, which is why their fat – and fat is what barramundi flavour is all about – is spread evenly throughout the body (their laidback estuarine cousins have pot bellies in comparison).  Then there’s the clean, briny flavour and clear opaque flesh: a consequence of a life lived in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean north of Derby… It’s the best barra I’ve eaten..”

Rob Broadfield, Food editor, The West Australian

Our Cone Bay Barramundi is from Marine Produce Australia selected for us by Responsible Seafood (our sustainable and ethical seafood-sourcing partner)

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