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English Cumberland Chipolatas, Gluten Free

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Pork Sausage Chipolatas. High quality and great tasting, these award-winning, gluten-free chipolatas are smaller and slimmer than regular sausages, making them ideal for breakfast .With a supply chain that is fully traceable, you can trust Wicks Manor's premium quality, incredible tasting pork.

400g, 12 per pack. Frozen.

Pork (80%), Water, Gluten Free Rusk (Pea Protein), Salt, Spices (Ground Black Pepper, Ground Nutmeg, Ground White Pepper), Rubbed Herbs (Rubbed Sage, Rubbed Marjoram), Potato Starch, Acidity Regulator (Calcium Lactate), Stabiliser (Sodium Triphosphate), Yeast Extract, Preservative (sodium metabisulphite), Antioxidant (sodium L-ascorbate).


Contains: Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites

About the producer

Wicks Manor, England