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Wicks Manor English Pork Spare Ribs

Product Description

Tender and flavourful! 350g per pack, frozen

Spare ribs are cut from the bottom of the ribs. They may not be as meaty as other cuts of pork, but they are extremely flavourful, thanks to the bones they are cooked with. A slow cook or roast is needed to break down the protein, but the resulting tender ribs are definitely worth the effort!

Our pork comes from Wicks Manor, a family-run pig farm in Essex, England. The pigs are fed a natural, nutritious diet of wheat and barley that is grown and milled on the farm property itself. They are also free to roam in large, shaded outdoor pens, and are very well taken care of by farm managers. The result is a nationally recognised, high-quality, and great-tasting pork.

I hope you enjoy this video, which highlights the welfare of the pigs and their beautiful surroundings.