Smoked Salmon & Egg Stuffed Avocados

Smoked Salmon & Egg Stuffed Avocados

Serves 4


4 Hass Avocados
110g Aoraki (Mt. Cook Alpine) New Zealand Cold Smoked Salmon
Sea salt & black pepper
Red chili pepper flakes
Dill to serve


  1. Preheat oven to 220C.
  2. Halve the avocados, remove stones and slice smoked salmon into small pieces.
  3. Place avocados on a baking sheet and line each hole with smoked salmon pieces. Crack an egg into each hole, making sure the yolk remains intact and season. If all of the egg white doesn't fit into the hole, leave it out (and save for an egg white omelette!). 
  4. Bake eggs for 15 minutes, or until whites are set.
  5. Garnish with red chili flakes and fresh dill.
  6. Serve with toasted White Bread or Country Loaf Bread

Recipe and image credits: Geniuskitchen

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