Silver Hill Duck from Ireland, "The Wagyu of Duck" - Exclusively at Sasha's Fine Foods

We are thrilled to be the exclusive retailer of Silver Hill Duck from Ireland, known to many as London Duck, "the wagyu of duck". You'll find this ever-popular product in several leading Singapore restaurants, but Sasha's Fine Foods in the only retailer offering the duck directly to customers at home. It's also the only duck used by the legendary Heston Blumenthal and renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, along with 90% of the high-end Chinese restaurants in London.

From this week, we begin selling the incredible pre-cooked range of Silver Hill Whole Crispy Duck and Silver Hill Half Crispy Duck with Pancakes and Hoisin Sauce, each seasoned with herbs and spices - aniseed, ground ginger, fennel seed, cinnamon and clove. Simply pop the duck in the oven and warm for 30 minutes, shred the meat, add spring onion and cucumber, wrap in the included pancakes and voilá - this all-time favourite is ready to go. It's also perfect for home-made spring rolls, or added to salads, burgers etc.

We also have the stunning Silver Hill Honey Roast Half Duck and Confit of Duck Legs for those who prefer the classic delivery.

Click here to get full details on this fabulous new range.  

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