Family Farm, New Zealand

Free range eggs from a farm in New Zealand

Wairarapa Eggs farm, the home of Family Farm Free Range Eggs, is located in the picturesque pastures of the Wairarapa in the North Island of New Zealand. Wairarapa Eggs farm believes in providing a natural environment for their hens while producing ethical and tasty eggs for you. They believe in respecting the environment and cultivating sustainable farming practices that enable their hens to live naturally while producing wholesome, nutritional premium eggs.

The hens at Wairarapa Eggs farm have the freedom to forage in the pasture and folic in the grass. They have plenty of outdoor and indoor places to socialise, dust-bath, shelter and find shade. To protect the hens from potential predators and the weather, they are provided with access to warm, insulated and clean barns with the freedom to move around. Wairarapa Eggs farm also has dedicated feed lines that are monitored to keep track of each flock’s consumption. Food and water levels are adjusted via a touch screen system, and nutrients can be added if needed.

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