Silver Hill Duck, Ireland

Silver Hill Duck, Ireland

Silver Hill Duck is sourced from the beautiful County Monahgan, Ireland, where the Steele family have developed their own unique hybrid breed of Silver Hill Duck. We exclusively sell this wonderful duck who’s flavour and succulent meat comes from the Steele’s passion, 59+ years of experience and control over every step of production. Loved by celebrity chef Heston Bluemental and local restauranter Mr Mervin Goh, of the London Fat Duck, Silver Hill are considered as the “Wagyu of Duck”.

During my visit I was blown away by the extraordinary care taken to raise these beautiful, unique ducks. Ronnie and Lyla Steele founded Silver Hill Foods as a fully integrated family-owned duck company in 1961, and their son Barry now runs the business.

Beyond the exceptional flavour, what impressed me was their control over every step, from breeding, egg production, hatching and selection, to processing, cooking and packaging. The ducks are hand-fed a natural diet, allowed to roam freely and they even get to listen to music to keep them happy and calm. I was very impressed to see a vet on site at all times during processing, ensuring animal welfare was at the forefront. Nothing goes to waste, as they have a secondary business selling duck feather pillows and duvets.

The aroma of the cooked duck was unforgettable, especially the range we are selling. The duck is roasted in aniseed, ground ginger, fennel seed, cinnamon and clove.

Over the last number of years, Silver Hill Farm has seen tremendous growth, supplying quality duck products all over the world. 

The famed chef Heston Blumenthal uses only the Silver Hill Duck at his restaurant. Silver Hill “London Duck” is hugely popular in Singapore where a number of well known restaurants serve the full roasted duck. Sasha’s Fine Foods is the only company to offer a retail range of Silver Hill Duck products to the market.

“The Wagyu of Duck”

Co-Owner of London Fat Duck, Mr Mervin Goh describes Silver Hill Duck as “the wagyu of ducks"" because, like well-marbled Japanese beef, the birds have high fat content. His restaurant sells about 120 ducks daily and his head chef Poon Kwong Fat, 49, who has more than 30 years of experience roasting meats, agrees. "Roasted Irish ducks are more fragrant and juicy as these meatier birds have a good amount of fat that makes the meat more tender and flavourful.”

TungLok Executive Chairman, Andrew Tjioe says, ""A good friend gave me 20 ducks from the Silver Hill Farm. We tried them and were impressed with the quality of the ducks. The meat is very tender and succulent, and does not have the gamey taste which is otherwise quite common in duck meat. We have never looked back since.”

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