Toh Thye San Farm, Singapore

Toh Thye San Farm, Singapore

Our beautiful French ‘poulet chicken’ is supplied to us by the lovely Kenny whose family owns and runs the best chicken farm in the region just over the border to the north of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. I have had the pleasure of working with Kenny for many years and was amazed when I visited the farm for the first time, to see that the chickens were so relaxed and friendly. Within minutes they were all around me, pecking at my wellington boots and chirping away. It was lovely to see them so happy and relaxed, truly comfortable in their environment and a far cry from some of the shocking caged chickens we have all seen images of.

Day old French chicks arrive to specially designed heated pens to protect their immunity system. They are kept separate from the older chicks as they have different “housing” needs. Their litter is also regularly changed to prevent the build-up of ammonia, which damages their health and eyesight. For the first ten days of their development, the chicks are fed a special in-house formulation of pre-starter feed, consisting of a nutritious blend of milk, natural amino acids, corn and soy.

The staff enter the farm daily to clean the area and encourage movement within the flock. Chickens from 10 to 30 days old are fed through an automated feeder, which provides a mixture of corn, soy, vitamins, organic selenium, orgacids, origadia and glucosamine. No growth promoters are administered to the chickens.

In their final stage of growth, the chickens are reared on raised floor poultry farms, which minimises ammonia levels and prevents blisters and damaged feet. After 60 days+ of growth, the chickens are available for sale. They are fed on 100% natural corn with 5% mix of soya beans, selenium and probiotics and sheltered in well-ventilated poultry farms with raised floors that have a stocking density of 10 chickens per square meter, a very comfortable difference from the RSPCA maximum of 19. Our birds are able to age naturally, giving their meat more flavour and succulence. The chickens we sell are grown to approximately 75 days in order to reach 1.3kg. It will be slightly longer for the larger chickens.

We are so happy to be selling the freshest chicken in Singapore. The live chickens arrive in Singapore in the middle of the night and are processed and delivered to our warehouse by 6am – literally within a matter of hours. If you have ordered fresh chicken, this is what you will receive in your delivery that day – it will not be more than a few hours old. Anything that is not sold fresh on the day is immediately frozen. The only exception to this is fresh chicken that is delivered to you on Mondays – these chickens will have been processed in the middle of the night on Saturday night/Sunday morning but they are still incredibly fresh!

Our chickens have as much exposure to sunshine, daylight and fresh air as is possible. They are raised in open structures, so very breezy, with only wire mesh as walls to prevent the birds being attacked by prey. They have "play" areas where they can exercise to emulate a natural environment and constant water and feeding supply system. To prevent disease, there are disinfected walkways at the entry to each farm and at the entry to each enclosure. The farms are all at least 1km apart from each other, just in case one farm experiences disease and this will prevent spreading.

Jamie Oliver endorses the local chickens we sell

Jamie Oliver has selected the same chickens that we sell for his restaurants here in Singapore. Jamie’s head chef has visited our local supplier’s farm and is satisfied that all of his standards have been met and indeed, often surpassed. Jamie, world-renowned for his passion about poultry farming, has exceptionally high standards when it comes to what chickens are fed and how they are raised.

As well as being concerned with their food, Jamie has strict welfare requirements – e.g. the chickens must have ample drinking tips, appropriate air ventilation and sufficient lighting. He will only serve the best quality chicken in his restaurants from chickens that have been reared in accordance with his strict policies and standards.


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