Japanese Pork Shabu Shabu Bowl

Japanese Pork Shabu Shabu Bowl

Flavourful, tasty and comforting Japanese Shabu Shabu bowl.

Serves 6


680g Wicks Manor Pork Shabu Shabu
1 small onion, cut into chunks
3 tbs dashi broth granules (Japanese fish soup stock granules)
3 cups water
½ cup tamari
⅓ cup mirin
2 tsp honey

Optional garnishes:
Chopped green onions
Pickled ginger
Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese mixed chili pepper seasoning)


  1. In medium pot over medium heat, combine water, dashi granules, tamari, mirin, and honey.
  2. Cut pork belly strips into bite-sized pieces, about 2-3 inches in length.
  3. Add pork to the pot, stirring to separate meat slices. Bring to a gentle boil.
  4. Cover pot with lid, leaving a slight gap and reduce heat to a low. Simmer for at least 30 minutes (45 minutes is best).
  5. Remove lid and add onions. Mix well and simmer uncovered for another 15 minutes.
  6. Serve over hot rice, spooning some of the braising liquid over the meat.
  7. Garnish with chopped green onions, Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese pepper mix) and pickled ginger, if desired.

Recipe Credit: A Day in the Kitchen

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